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"Feeling Hungry All the Time? Here's Why and What to Do"

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Hunger is a natural cue that your body needs more food

Signs of hunger include feeling empty, stomach growling, irritability, headaches, and difficulty concentrating

Feeling hungry too often can lead to overeating, snacking, and discomfort

Eating too many refined carbs and not enough protein, fat, or fiber can cause excessive hunger

A Mediterranean-style diet with plenty of non-starchy vegetables can help you feel full and satisfied

Lack of sleep can cause fluctuations in appetite hormones, making you feel hungrier

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Sleep deprivation can also make you crave unhealthy foods

Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so drink plenty of water

Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you and stimulate your appetite

Mindful eating, using your senses to enjoy food, can reduce food cravings

Eating too quickly can lead to consuming more calories and feeling less full

Start by ensuring you're getting good sleep, eating nutritious foods, and eating mindfully at a steady pace

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Consult your doctor if you're still struggling with excessive hunger

You don't need to feel hungry all the time, especially when eating healthy foods

The Fast 800 Online Programme can help ensure you're getting the right nutrients and prevent cravings

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