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Keto Diet 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Low-Carb Lifestyle

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Keto diet: Low-carb, high-fat for weight loss & blood sugar control.

Ketosis: Metabolic state burning fat instead of carbs.

Reduce carb intake, increase fat intake for ketosis.

Keto ratio: 70-80% fat, 15-20% protein, 5-10% carbs.

Eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, veggies.

Avoid sugar, grains, starchy veggies, fruit, processed food.

Keto can be challenging with side effects like fatigue, headaches.

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Benefits of keto include weight loss, improved health.

Consult doctor before starting keto with medical history.

Plan and prepare for safe, enjoyable keto lifestyle.

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